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Thawaraban Deva Cloth Painting – Acrylic on Cloth with Gold Leaf – Buddhist Masterpiece Painting

Thawaraban Deva – Cloth Painting, Acrylic with Gold Leaf by Chatchai Boonkerd. This is Chatchai’s Latest addition to grace our Store Gallery, and will be appearing for Sale this Week. The Exhibit will be added to the store during first week of December.

Art Pattaya Present Hanuman and Naradha Rishi – 2 New Paintings added to Gallery

Art Pattaya Status Update – Two new amazing paintings added to the store – the amazing Sacred Power Art of Ajarn Khamang Saeng Apidej has blessed us this time with a painting of Lord Hanuman the Simian Vanora God with four arms, and a painting of the Rishi Naradha, (Reusi … Continue reading

Art Pattaya – New Thai Buddhist Art Hits the Pattaya Art Store

Art Pattaya – New Thai Buddhist Art Hits the Pattaya Art Store Latest Thai Buddhist Art to Hit the Galleries in Art Pattaya’s Auction Rooms. Ajarn Saeng Apidej Lersi Por Gae Sak Yant Thai Buddhist Art by Ajarn Saeng Apidej Lersi Por Gae with Sak Yant Needle – Thai Buddhist … Continue reading

Fine Original Thai Buddhist Arts for the Connoisseur

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Welcome to Our Project to Promote and play a part in the growth of the Thai Fine Art Community of Collectors and Aficionados. Thai Buddhist Art is one of the most Exquisite Art Forms in the World, and has a vast Array of Celestial and Sacred Imagery to Enchant Us with their Magic, and the Excellence of Varied Expression shown by the Artists in Our Galleries.

Thai Buddhist Art supports and promotes Thailand's Fine Artists, and helps them to find outlets for their work. Please support Thai Artists.

Art Pattaya is part of the Thai Buddhist art Project and is aimed at both Commercial and Cultural Goals. The Thai Buddhist art Project is one of Ajarn Spencer Littlewood's Various Projects that all aim to promote Thai Art, Buddhism and Thai Mysticism.